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posted: 3.01.20
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Hey escaper! We are excited to share that we are moving to a new location with new games. Here are some of the most frequent questions we get about the move. We can’t wait to see you at our new home! 🚚

When are you moving?

We don’t have an exact date yet, but we are moving in March 2020. Stay tuned on our social media for more details! 💻

Where are you moving?

Our new location is 61470 S Highway 97, Suite #6 Bend,
OR 97702
. 📍

How long will your current games be available?

When we open our new location, the current games at Marshall Ave will no longer be available. We don’t have an exact date, so make sure you play any of our current games before they’re gone for good! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃

P.S. We’re running a moving sale! Play our Marshall Ave location games for just $19 per person until we move. (Not valid with other offers. Does not apply to special events. Applies only to games at Marshall Ave location while games are available. New bookings only.) Use code “MOVING” at checkout!

What games will be at the new location?

Curse on the Emerald Seas 🏴‍☠️ ⚓

Sequel to Crimson Storm!

Upon escaping the Crimson Storm, you and your crew have found yourselves adrift and come across the mysterious ship known as The Emerald Seas. Legends tell that this ship was cursed when its crew mutinied and traded their captain’s heart for unknown treasures. Witnesses say the ship only appears for an hour before sinking below the water. You and your crew board the ship in hopes of dispelling the curse and claim the ship as your own before it returns to the watery depths.

Pipe Works ⛑️ 🔦

Up to 10 players!

Power is running low in the underground industrial city of Dystopia and the energy systems are failing. The high council has appointed your two engineering teams to fix those systems. The city is losing power fast, compete head-to-head or cooperatively to activate your team’s subsystems and return power to the station.


Puzzle Effect debut!

The Beasley Mansion houses a collection of antique sideshow items rumored to be the cause of some strange occurrences around the estate. You have been hired to appraise this mysterious collection. During your appraisal, you discover that the antiques are indeed connected to the reported incidents. You must travel back in time to prevent the spell placed on the sideshow before strange events begin to follow you as well.

Grim Stacks 📚✨

Fan favorite!

The owner of a mystical bookshop is up to something sinister. He has captured a mystical creature and plans to use it to take revenge against the Arcane Library. You must sneak into his shop, find the creature, and rescue it before his plan can be carried out.

Rescue 🦺 💣

A new take on our current game!

A young girl has gone missing and a tactical response team has been formed to find her. In the hunt to track down the kidnappers your team discovers an abandoned warehouse, you must search the building and find anything that could lead to her rescue. Threats of a bomb are found and time is running out.

Have more questions?! Give us a call or drop us a FB message!

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